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     Are you a game writer/developer who publishes in the US market and to whom English is a foreign language? Do you feel that you communicate well in Business English or International English, but not so well in US English? I can help you localize the language used in your game products for the US English market. Contact me by email:

     I am a native US English speaker, and a game designer/writer/editor. I can help you bring your rules and mechanics to the US English market in a way that is understandable, engaging, and fun for native US English speakers. Learning Business English or International English through classes (even at the university level) is not enough to make your writing seem natural and engaging to native speakers. It can take years, even decades, to learn to speak and write US English fluently and conversantly, even for those who are native speakers of other forms of English.

     Having your game material and mechanics localized by a native speaker into US English could translate into a better game play experience, better engagement with your players, and better sales results. The US English market for games of all types is HIGHLY competitive. Developers and writers of all kinds of games (traditional board games, table-top role playing games, video games, and game support products) who don't localize their content for the US English market could be missing out on THOUSANDS of sales because of poor command of written US English. Contact me for a consultation and free quote today. You will be glad you did!